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Infectious diseases

Together, we are working to prevent the world from the major health threat of antibiotic resistance.

For many decades, MSD has been researching and developing antibiotics to meet the growing needs of the population.

MSD has a long history of antibiotic research and development. MSD was not only involved in the development of one of the world’s first antibiotics, but also developed a method of mass-producing penicillin during World War II to meet the needs of the population. We are one of the few companies that continue to invest in the research and development of anti-infectives. That is why we are proud to be able to contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Our work in infectious diseases

The AMR Action Fund is an initiative of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA). It has set itself the ambitious goal of developing and launching two to four innovative antibiotics by 2030. For this purpose, more than 20 member companies are providing around $1 billion to support research and development (R&D).

MSD supports the AMR Action Fund both financially with around $100 million for 10 years and with our decades of expertise.


Tons of antibiotics are needed only in human medicine every year in Austria²

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the year we began producing penicillin "G"

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People die every year in the EU from the consequences of antibiotic resistance¹

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