Project title: :”All for All”

Project management: Univ. Prof. Dr. Erika Richtig and Dr. Lukas Koch

Institution: Medical University of Graz

We congratulate the winning team!

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Dr. Lukas Koch and Dr. Erika Richtig with the entire winning team from the Medical University of Graz

Winning project 2019/2020: "All for all"

Cancer patients constantly experience new challenges in the course of their disease, from the initial shock of diagnosis to uncertainty before surgery to fears about the future, setbacks in the course of the disease due to disease progression, side effects of system therapies and much more. These challenges can be better met by the empathetic guidance and competent support of a multiprofessional team than by the help of individuals. A special feature in the care of cancer patients is the fact that most tumor therapies are administered on an outpatient or day-case basis and patients are only in hospital for a short time. An additional problem is the long travel distances, so it is difficult for patients to come back on subsequent days for more in-depth discussions of a psycho-oncological, dietary, pastoral, or nursing nature. For this reason, the project “All for All” – multiprofessional care for every patient in dermatooncology at the Graz University Clinic for Dermatology was launched. The aim of the project is to improve communication and patient care through a newly introduced weekly interprofessional team meeting (participants: nursing, psychology, social work, hospital chaplaincy, nutrition counseling, study coordination, secretariat and medical staff).

Due to the weekly exchange, in which the patients are the center of attention, it has been possible in most cases to plan special assistance with the stay or outpatient contact in advance in order to avoid additional appointments (for example, nursing advice on aids in nursing, psycho-oncological care, advice by social workers regarding care allowances or oncological rehabilitation, dietary advice, pastoral support etc.). Furthermore, it is possible to respond quickly and specifically to current needs and challenges. Interaction and communication with patients and ultimately therapy management are also improved. Everyone pulls together and all professions have the same level of knowledge about each individual patient. The project “All for All” transforms a classic “supply chain” into a “supply ring”, and a “silent post” into open interprofessional communication.

The prize money from the MSD Join4Care Award will be used to permanently integrate and expand the care helpline for special patient concerns and problems, which was successfully tested as a pilot project. In addition, a clinical pharmacist will be integrated into the team and training on mindfulness and communication will be facilitated for the team.


Project title: :”Standardized electronic recording of complaints and the quality of life of patients with head / neck cancer undergoing radiochemotherapy”

Project leader: Dr. Prisca Pondorfer Shepherd

Institution: Medical University of Graz

We congratulate the winning team!

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Dr. Prisca Pondorfer-Schäfer with the entire winning team from the Department of General ENT, Medical University of Graz.

Winner project 2020/2021 “Standardized electronic recording of complaints and quality of life of patients with head / neck cancer undergoing radiochemotherapy”

A standardized electronic recording of complaints and quality of life (QoL data) of patients with head / neck cancer while undergoing chemoradiotherapy using an app is a significant added value for both doctor and patient. For example, the reduction of documentation work allows more time for the doctor -Patient interactions. The complaints do not necessarily have to be verbalized, which brings great relief for head and neck patients who often have pain when speaking due to side effects from radiation and chemotherapy.

The prize money is to be used to further develop the app and to equip four ambulance waiting room spaces with tablets. This also guarantees IT support for the first two years. “We are overwhelmed and proud that our project has won among so many innovative projects and we would like to thank everyone who supported and motivated us. We are pleased to be able to further improve the care of oncological ENT patients with this project, “says Dr. Prisca Pondorfer Shepherd.

“The MSD Join4Care Award is an important innovation prize because it enables the implementation of patient-oriented projects and thus creates new perspectives for cancer patients,” said jury member OA Dr. Maximilian Hochmair, Head of the Oncological Day Outpatient Clinic and Day Clinic of Pneumology at the North Hospital – Floridsdorf Clinic with the winners.

“This year, too, many innovative projects were submitted for the MSD Join4Care Award. That makes it difficult to select a winner among works of equal rank, but it also shows the potential of patient-oriented projects in Austria, “affirmed Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eisterer, Head of the Oncological Center at Klagenfurt Clinic.

“This year’s motto for the Join4Care Award was“ Patient in focus ”. And that is exactly what the patient is in our winning project. A standardized electronic recording of complaints and quality of life is carried out here for patients with ENT cancer who are undergoing radiochemotherapy.

Especially with this group of patients, who often have limited vocal communication possibilities due to the tumor localization, this leads to an early detection of changes as well as to a better assessment of the course of treatment ”, summarized Prim. Priv. Doz. Birgit Grünberger, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Hematology and Internal Oncology, State Hospital Wiener Neustadt.

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